Board positions include President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Ways and Means, Housekeeping, Orientation, Class Representatives, and Membership. Only families who have been members for one full year at LNS may occupy a board position. The Board meets once a month, in the evening, at LNS. 

One parent is required to attend parent education meetings. There are three evening meetings each school year.

Our annual community event, Science Day of Discovery, involves the entire membership. 

Parents handle the administrative functions of the school. Families may be asked to assist with a board, chair, or committee position.

Once a year, one parent is expected to help at a group "Housekeeping Work Day." This group activity builds valuable community and does not come with a "buy-out." This is scheduled in advance.

Twice a year, one parent is expected to participate in weekend housekeeping duties on a scheduled basis. However, you may pay for a substitute to complete this for you. The fee is stated in the Admission Agreement.

Once a year, one parent is expected to help at a "Maintenance Work Day" on a weekend day, lasting not longer than 4 hours. This is scheduled in advance. 

Member Families will be scheduled to co-op 1-2 times a month for the 2s Class, 2-3 times a month for the 3s Class and 3-4 times a month for the 4-5s Class.

Membership in a parent participation nursery school is a family experience. We enter this experience with shared responsibilities to work toward mutual goals. 

Our in-class participation and support of volunteer activities are vital to the success of the LNS program.

In addition to co-oping in class, each family will be scheduled for other responsibilities such as:

  • Housekeeping (weekend cleaning and/or group workdays)
  • Maintenance Workdays
  • Special Event (such as Science Day)
  • Parent Education Events

Participation Agreement